•   Salem's Grill is elite. Service is quick and friendly, there's ample seating and parking nearby, and the food just smells and tastes delicious!

    Original Shawarma 5/5
    Juicy, seasoned, and packed with meat. The cross sections of the photos I took don't do the amount of meat justice. But I just couldn't put it down mid meal to be bothered by taking another photo.

    Fries 5/5
    Crispy, fluffy, and at an excellent value! I ordered the small fries for $3, and it was literally a whole plate of fries that came out, I ain't complaining.

    Meat samosas 5/5
    These samosas are jam packed with excellently seasoned meat and I'm all for it! An order comes with 2, so great to share or hog to yourself 🙂

    Cheese naan 4.5/5
    The naan here is made sooooooooo fresh and it's the size of your face if not bigger. My only wish is that there were more cheese

    thumb Chris V.

      I'll still give them a 5 because their food is great, BUT the cafeteria style line is now blocked off, and you order from a kiosk and pick up at the register.

    Personally, when I am somewhat unfamiliar with some of the food, I like to point to what I want to try.  Or I like to see what others are ordering.  Or maybe the person behind the counter can offer an opinion.

    You lose personal attention with the kiosk.  Plus, they have you enter your phone number to get a text when the meal is ready.  Okay, my meal was ready, but the business was calling out an order number, which was not included in my text.  They had to go through the prepared orders to find mine.  So I LOVE THE FOOD.   I AM NOT A FAN OF THEIR NEW WAY OF ORDERING.  
    Their desserts looked good.

    thumb Vickie B.

      I went to this business several months ago returning from a trip in Ohio. The business has its own dedicated parking lot for its customers which is a bonus so you don't need to find parking in the city. The business itself has two main separate parts to it: a store, and a restaurant. The store sells affordable imported goods from Arab and Middle Eastern countries, and they also have a meat counter at the back that sells halal meats. Across from the store is the restaurant. The restaurant is a spacious, counter service style restaurant. Food there was very affordable, especially with inflation. The family meal bundle that fed my entire family cost 38 dollars(not including drinks and tax). Also all their food is also Halal so if you are on a Halal diet definitely consider this place. One cool feature I thought that was cool about the business was that it had a Muslim prayer room, so if you are a Muslim I recommend you check it out, it's to your right when you enter the restaurant. Anyway I highly recommend this restaurant if you ever go to Pittsburgh and your looking for Arab/Middle Eastern food, you will love the food it is delicious.

    thumb Micah N.
  •   One of my favorite and go to spot in Pittsburgh. Consistent food quality. Kebabs, Chicken grill and burgers are the best.

    thumb Sharjeel F.

      Wonderful food. Big portions and great value. Highly recommend to anyone who likes Arabic, Indian, Mediterranean cuisine

    thumb John S.

      Delicious Indian food. Ordering is very user friendly- even for a newbie' .
    I had the shawarma and it was amazing! Everything is freshly made and the garlic naan is everything.

    thumb Beci B.
  •   I always fluctuate between the chili chicken and the gyro. Today, I went with the gyro and chicken kufta which were both excellent. The prices went up a bit on the dinners which makes it a little less quality of value but what I got today was worth it for sure.

    thumb Mike M.

      This place is fantastic! Heard from friends to try out this place it doesn't disappoint. It's located right next to the grocery store so don't mistake it cause we definitely walked into the grocery store looking for the restaurant lol.

    Their portions are huge for the curries, but overall their food is ridiculously good. They also have this sign about buying additional sauces and I was thinking what kind of sauce is this good. Then I tried and sauce for the lamb Kebob and it is like world changing good. It's got a garlicy mayo but it's prob got a few other things that make it incredible with the lamb. Now you should totally get another and eat it with the rice and curry cause it just throws it into another level.

    Lamb curry was our favorite. Meat is super tender and reminds me of a nicely good meal by mom. Gyro was delicious with ample amounts of meat. I wish they put the sauce on the top or side but otherwise still good. Glad we got the Lamb kebab bc we otherwise wouldn't have had the chance to try the sauce cause that was life changing as noted above.

    Would highly recommend this place

    thumb Nick H.