•   What a hidden gem in Pittsburgh! Delicious and well-priced Indian and Mediterranean food. Would definitely recommend getting the curry mix meal, which is a choice of 2 curries and 1 side. Also enjoyed with baklava. Next time I am hoping to go back to try their grill which is freshly made to order!

    thumb Valerie C.

      Needed lamb for a recipe -- Great cashiers, tasty food, easy in and out, very authentic.

    thumb Kathy O.

      The Chicken masala, spinach paneer, chicken burger, cheeseburger , gyro are so delicious!  Great food, great service, fast service! Would highly recommend!!

    thumb Molly K.
  •   One of the must try and best places on Pittsburgh! The best things to order are on the grill menu - the cooked food as just ok. My favorite things are the grilled chicken tandoori kabab and the desi beef shawarma- it has nothing to do with shawarma but it's sooooo good. And don't forget to get the green sauce.

    thumb Rayid G.

      Food gets 5 stars all the way, let us start with that because that is what is most important! I didn't know what to expect when walking in because it's very lunchroom style which usually is a total hit or miss style of restaurant from my experience. This place is literally flavorville (because pretty sure flavor "town" is trademarked lol). Everything is so well seasoned, so specific for each dish. Nothing here really tastes the same which is amazing. The first time here was an amazing surprise. Serving sizes were HUGE. For $15 I got a meat, rice and a side. I could eat off that one dish for at least 2 days. The Tikka Masala was so good, flavorful and saucy perfect match for some fresh naan. The tandoori chicken was just as delicious with a completely different flavor profile. Super satisfying! The rockstar of everything was the chicken samosas! Like so delicately seasoned with such a specifically delightful taste. So crispy and the inside has such a great mouthfeel. I really don't even know how to describe them except addicting. I am all around addicted to this place and it is literally down the hill from me! It's a problem! Service is always super friendly and helpful if you've never tried this type of cuisine. Letting you know about what they have, what's a star seller, they really helped me figure it out on my first order.

    I considered making this a 4-star review (but I can't because I am literally hooked on this place) for the fact that, twice now I have placed orders on their online ORDER NOW, usually scheduling to pick up on my way home from work or on my way to pick up my boyfriend from work and they have been sold out of the naan. Which wouldn't be a huge deal if they would just try and contact you before you get there and see if you want a substitute. Naan is a big part of the meal when you are just ordering that and an a la cart meat option, because you use the naan as a vessel to transport this delicious tikka masala to your face hole lol. Both times I wasn't notified until I got there to pick up my order. The one time I had to wait 15 extra minutes after my pickup time to wait for them to substitute it with Roti (which is not what you want when you're craving naan). 15 minutes doesn't sound like a long time to wait but after a day of work and you placed the order so you can pick up at a specific time and go home it is super frustrating (especially when 15 minuets can be the difference between traffic and no traffic). Just something management should keep on eye as so not have such a fixable problem continuing to happen. Just give us a call and let us know before we get there, please. I considered not even mentioning it in this review, but it will help you to call ahead before placing on online order to ensure they have what you want or just call the order in directly. I do that now and haven't had any issues since.

    They are delicious and super friendly. I love them and am addicted but that last bit of the review is just so you know and plan accordingly! Also, that market next door is filled with all kinds of awesome choices! For sure worth checking out!

    thumb Chelsey D.

      One of the best selections of food in all of Pittsburgh. Everything I have had here has been fantastic. Some of my favorites are the Tiki Masala, any of the skewered meats, their Gyros and their burgers. Also make sure to save room for desert as their baklava is outstanding. A big part of the experience at Salem's is their friendly and attentive staff. They will make sure you have an outstanding experience and leave with a smile on your face every time!  I cannot recommend this place enough. We are lucky to have them in Pittsburgh!

    thumb Ed L.
  •   First time here and I only went to the market to pick up an online order of fresh meat order.  I was presently surprised how extensive their market is, as I was able to get everything I still needed to buy and not go to an Indian store for Naan, Basmati rice,  garlic/ginger blend, etc.

    I was a little early but they were quickly able to pull in my order. The gentlemen handling my order apologized several times for not having one of the items that I ordered.

    I love that Salem's had a dedicated parking lot, which is much appreciated for folks like me who don't care for parallel parking.

    I will go to Salem's for all my halal meat needs from now on.  Next time, I'll stop at the restaurant to try out their meals since I heard very good things.

    thumb Kari S.

      Absolutely delicious food and wonderful people running this business! I ordered the chicken tikka masala and chicken biryani. I would 1000% order both meals again.

    My biggest feedback for Salem's: please tell your customers if a dish is going to be made to order. I ordered the biryani thinking it would be ready quickly and I waited nearly 45 minutes for my food. I was pretty bothered and hangry because my expectations weren't set correctly. My biggest tip for folks is to call and order your food ahead or when you get there ask the folks working if your dish is from the case (buffet style) or made to order. If this were any other restaurant 45-minutes wouldn't bother me. But Salem's looks and feels like quick service which in this case was misleading.

    Once the food did come out it was evident that it was worth the wait. The spice level (5) was perfect as it felt hot but not overpowering and the flavors were completely on point. The chicken melted in your mouth and all around it was well deserving of 10 stars. I will order this again and again but probably to-go and ahead of time. The chicken tikka masala was nicely balanced with hints of bold flavor in every bite. Also, they give you huge portions of food for a really reasonable price.

    I also love the grocery store next door. They carry a wide variety of Arab and south Asian food and also have a full halal butcher. Again, the folks who work at these two establishments are incredibly kind and pillars of this community. I'm happy we have Salem's and can't wait to bring friends back to experience the joy they put in their food.

    thumb Samantha R.