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Our mission has always been to make fresh, locally-raised Halal meats accessible to our community, and to international students.

“We began as butchers, and we are the last true butcher shop in PIttsburgh.”

Salem’s foundation is Halal meats. We are butchers who evolved into a kitchen, and then into an international market. Massaud Salem was not a chef, but a butcher who learned to cook from his wife.

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As longtime butchers, we know that you can’t buy meat from just anywhere. We purchase Pennsylvania-preferred livestock from local, humane farms not only because we care deeply about the quality of our products, but because it’s our religious duty.

Our ability to provide cuts of meat tailored to the specific needs of the ethnic cuisines of our customers is what sets us apart from all others.  In fact, we have customers who drive over 100-miles each way just to get meat. Our meat section serves as an important anchor that draws customers to our grocery section and restaurant.

We have a deep respect and gratitude for the animals that feed us. We make the entire carcass available as food, including tails and tongues. All of our livestock is handslaughtered humanely, with no abuse, and zero stress put on the animal.

“We just want to get on everybody’s menu at least once a week, and eventually feed communities across America.”

All of our Halal meats are sourced and raised locally and are hand-cut and hand trimmed in house at Salem’s Butcher. Our burgers are fresh, never frozen, and hand-formed daily, and we use every part of every animal. Our vegan-fed chickens are hand-slaughtered humanely in one facility. We are perfectionists, and we take great pride in our food preparation.


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